As a natural approach to beauty sees itself into our cosmetic cupboards (and let's face it, Instagram feeds), this season we're seeing more of us turn to A-Beauty (aka Australian Beauty) when it comes to our hair care routines.

With PETA-approved formulas rich in native Australian ingredients, recycled packaging and a range of vegan-friendly products, Ozdare brands KEVIN.MURPHY and ELEVEN Australia are leading the way in A-Beauty movement.

“I think what we do well as Australian brands is natural, simple and thinking out of the box when it comes to packaging and formulations. Australia is not governed by the big multi national brands, which allows a lot of freedom and encourages innovation,” says Kevin Murphy, founder of KEVIN.MURPHY.

ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director, Joey Scandizzo agrees. “Simple and natural beauty is really big right now, but at ELEVEN Australia we’ve always believed that haircare doesn’t need to be complicated, it just has to work. From the formulations to the packaging, you know what you’re getting, and I think that’s a very Australian way of thinking.”

Both brands include a variety of ingredients plucked from the Australian landscape including Kakadu Plum rich in Vitamin C and found in KEVIN.MURPHY's HYDRATE-ME.WASH and HYDRATE-ME.WASH and Desert Lime and Quandong in ELEVEN Australia's Miracle Hair Treatment.

Image and words supplied by Ozdare Australia 


This week, we integrated KEVIN MURPHY COLOR ME as our colour range.
Why did we make this choice?
As you all know, we have always used ammonia free high quality colour. We made the choice to use ammonia free for many reasons. To protect our stylists and clients from harmful fumes which can cause devastating effects on our health, and to protect the condition and integrity of the hair optimising condition and shine as well as reducing fade. Our existing colour range has always given us beautiful colour results and has left the hair looking and feeling healthy, soft and shiny.
Our decision to change to KEVIN MURPHY COLOR ME  will give us  all of these benefits and so much more.

A little bit about KEVIN MURPHY COLOR ME…


COLOR ME has key ingredients to optimise colour results, nourish the hair and provide optimal scalp comfort:
HONEY- is full of vitamins and minerals, helps retain moisture and has anti-ageing properties.
SHEA BUTTER- delivers moisture to dry damaged hair and protects against environmental damage and dryness.
POMEGRANATE- known for its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. It also provides UV protection preventing colour fade.

The key difference from our existing colour range and COLOR ME is ethics the environment.

KEVIN MURPHY as a brand is dedicated to lowering its carbon footprint and impact on the environment. They use renewable and sustainable ingredients that are specifically cultured in an environmentally-friendly way. They produce biodegradable square packaging which uses up to 40% less resin than standard round packaging, reducing impacts of storage and shipping. Their use of only sulphate-free surfactants avoid all sorts of bubble trouble and they even make a donation to the CLIMATE CHANGE PROJECT for every aerosol sold.

COLOR ME is no exception to their philosophy. 100% of the packaging is recyclable and their "from the earth" ingredients cause less impact when they are being rinsed from your hair and down the sink.

KEVIN MURPHY is also distributed by an Australian owned company. We make a big effort to source locally, from our hair products to the milk we use in your coffee.

We have loved playing and testing COLOR ME over the past few weeks and we are sure you will also love having it used in your hair during your next visit to Little Hair Nest. Please feel free to ask any questions about KEVIN MURPHY or COLOR ME.

What is Smartbond and why do we use it?

SMARTBOND is a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair during colour services. Many salons charge extra for this service, however, we feel by using Smartbond your hair condition is preserved therefore we can create, softer, shinier, stronger hair which gives us optimal colour results that last. For this reason we have absorbed the cost into the colour price and use it in all of our colours. When your hair shines, so do we!

How does it actually work?

During the colouring process, the hair often suffers stress to the bonds of the hair which is what basically webs everything together. Smartbond is a special formula that we add into the colour during the mixing process. The formula contains Maelic Acid which protects, reforms and strengthens the bonds. Once the colour is rinsed, we add step 2 at the basin. This also helps reform and strengthen the weak bonds, leaving your hair strong, shiny and radiant.

Step 3 is an optional at home treatment to help get the most out of your in salon Smartbond service. You apply after shampooing in place of a conditioner, leave for 1-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Mention this article and follow Little Hair Nest on either or both Instagram or Facebook to receive your Smartbond step 3 with your next full colour service for just $25.00 (rrp $45). 

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How often should you be washing your hair?

We often get asked the question "how often should I be washing my hair?"

To put the answer into plain and simple terms- it depends on your scalp.

Just like the skin on your face and body- everyone if different and there are no two faces or two scalps the same. The key to managing different scalp conditions are to treat the scalp differently from the hair. So here are a few tips for different regimes.

The everyday shampooer-

If you feel the need to shampoo your hair everyday, the chances are you have an oily scalp. You need something that will help to balance the scalp ph and control the overactive production of oils. I like Kevin Murphy Balancing Wash and Daviness Well Being conditioner. If you also have fine hair and want a little more lift, Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash or the Daviness Replumping Shampoo is also the perfect choice. The conditioners can be tailored to suit your hair type.

Dry and Flaky scalp-

Dandruff is one of those conditions that can be so severely mistreated! There are plenty of products on the market that remove the superficial dandruff, but don't really treat the problem at the core. Generally speaking there are two main types of dandruff, Oily and Dry. Both require deep exfoliation and daily treatment. To start with, treat the scalp with Daviness Purifying Gel. This is a once a week treatment that goes deep into the follicle to sort out the root of the problem. Follow on with Daviness Purifying Shampoo. Dandruff is often a sign of an underlying issue often linked to gut in balance or food allergies. This is best sorted out by an allergy specialist, naturopath or trichologist. *Do you have dry, itchy patches of dandruff? You may have a condition called Psoriasis. This is also best diagnosed by a doctor or health care professional. 

"I only feel like my hair needs to be washed once a week. Is this ok?"-

Of course, and lucky you! If you don’t feel the need to wash your hair than that is totally fine! Just keep an eye on if your scalp becomes dry and flaky or if there is an odour starting to form . If so, make your hair washing a little more regular. It's also important to use hydrating products

Will washing my hair more often strip my colour? 

All Kevin Murphy and Naturaltech shampoos are colour safe so please don't feel your beautiful colour is being jeapordised by shampooing your hair more often. 



Many people are skeptical about going shorter as it ‘may limit them to one look’. I created this piece to showcase just some of the different looks you can get out of short and mid length hair. I like to look at the collection a bit like a pod wardrobe, but instead of mixing and matching clothing, you are re using hairstyles from the previous day and recreating different looks using similar sectioning patterns and techniques. I hope all you existing short hair ladies enjoy a few new looks and I hope to convert a few skeptics who are thinking of getting the chop. 


Silky smooth. We all like to start the week professional and sleek!

  • This look is best achieved on wash day. While hair is still wet, apply a lightweight heat protectant such as KM Young Again.
  • Blowdry with a paddle brush, moving the hair off the scalp in a side to side motion. Make sure you find your desired part before hair is totally dry.
  • Once Hair is dry, section small layers of hair from bottom to top (about an inch at a time). Sectioning is really important and one of the most underrated steps in hairstyling! It may seem like a hassle, but trust me you will end up saving time by creating the perfect look the first time around.
  • Iron straight down. Be sure not to bend the irons outwards. This will create flick. A slight bend in is ok.
  • Once all sections are complete, finish with a light serum such as Davines Oi Oil. 


Halvsie bun. Today is all about utilizing your Monday perfection. That means second day easy hair! However, if you are an everyday kinda girl this style is not an exception. A half up style can accentuate oily roots so you may still need to re wash. A little bit of dry shampoo such as KM Fresh Hair or Doo Over can also do wonders in this situation!

  • Simply section a horseshoe shape and create a half up loop bun.
  • Use your hands to mess up the loop bun and secure with 1 or 2 bobby pins. That is all! 

  • Deconstructed waves. It’s hump day after all so why not have some fun.
  • Apply a texturizing product into freshly washed hair. KM Anti Gravity Spray is great to create a bit of texture and hold, but if you need a little more oomph let’s go with KM Body Builder.
  • Blowdry your hair with a Paddle brush from side to side to create lots of volume. Tip your head upside down if you need more help in this department.
  • Take sections of 2-3 inches from bottom to top. Then take about 3 sections across each of these.
  • Angle your straightening iron vertically and gently clamp and twist down the section. Don’t ‘curl’ too much. You want this to be just a slight amount of movement. Also avoid bending the ends too much as this will create too much curl and volume through the ends. 
  • Rake your fingers through with a texturizing spray such as KM Hair Resort to break up and deconstruct the style
  • To finish, flip to a deep part.
Side Braid. Lets re use yesterdays hair again.

  • Find that deep flipped part again. Go deeper if you wish. Take quite a large section for the start of your braid so it’s nice and thick.
  • Braid across the hairline until you reach the back of the head.
  • Secure with a bobby pin and allow hair from crown area to fall over the end of braid hiding the pins. 
  • Tousled curls. You never know where Friday could take you!
  • You got this! Just repeat Wednesday, but this time give a little more bend to create that bit of extra va va voom! 

Double buns. Ok so this is a little out of the box, but I feel this is where the halvsie bun is heading.

  • Use Yesterdays curls as your base.
  • From here we want to re create Tuesday’s halvsie section.
  • Now split it down the middle.
  • Tie each into a loop bun and again use your fingers to create a messy bun. Secure with bobby pins. Cute as. 
Double Braid. I feel we need to continue on our journey of a little bit of fun for the weekend.

  • You may need to re wash your hair and recreate Wednesdays deconstructed waves or Fridays Tousled curls as a base, however this also works on just blow dried hair.
  • Section the same as Saturdays double buns
  • This time we are going to braid both sections straight back and secure them into 1 loop bun in the middle.
  • Once the loop bun is created, mess up and secure with bobby pins. 

This Rock ‘n’ roll inspired do is achieved by creating loads of choppy messy layers. It works on most hair textures and lengths, creating instant volume and movement. Think David Bowie meets Alexa Chung.

Styling the shag can be as simple as scrunching in some product, hair texture permitted. We love Kevin Murphy Body.Builder. For some, a little twist and flick of the cloud 9 might be needed. And finally to finish, a dusting of Kevin Murphy Powder Puff and a spritz of Kevin Murphy Hair Resort will have you rock ’n’ roll ready in no time. 
Spring Races 2016
This season, race wear is all about clean lines and sophisticated elegance. Fascinators are the heroes, so hairstyles need to compliment and not overpower. Here are a few of our favourite looks this season.

The Crown
It’s your day to be a princess. To avoid looking too Cinderella, pair your crown jewels with a soft blowdry or a simple ponytail. Keep your outfit simple and elegant.  
The Wave
This season, wavy hair has a new meaning. Waves are flowy and slightly lived in. Beautiful honey tones compliment by a soft and understated blow dry. This style suits most hats and fascinators so you really can’t go wrong!

The Headband
A contemporary version on the fascinator classic. The headband is a versatile accessory that can tie in with almost any outfit choice. We love hair out for headbands but that’s not to say with the right choice you can’t tie in a soft up do.

Our favourite local milliner is Meredith McMaster Millinery. Check out her beautiful pieces on her Facebook page.

P R O D U C T . R E V I E W 
Dyson dryer
A few weeks ago we welcomed a new member to the Little Hair Nest team- our Dyson hairdryer! In all seriousness we sort of see this new gadget as an extension of our team and let’s face it, if its good enough for the Batchelorette’s, it’s definitely something we need in our lives.
So Dyson claims a few key points and benefits with the new dryer. One of which is that the dryer is quieter. Some clients have mentioned they had expected the dryer to be quieter than it is, and some were even under the assumption that it was silent. At first I had thought it was not that quieter, however my clients have noticed that they can hear the stylists over the hairdryer with ease. This is a big tick for me as I love to give styling lessons during visits (and just love a chat!).
The ergonomic design is far less taxing for a stylists wrist, however I don’t think this would affect an everyday user who would usually only style their hair once a day at the maximum. I do love the lightweight design of the dryer and think this will be a double tick for the seasoned traveller.
Personally, I think the biggest benefit is the barrel technology which boasts less heat and more power. The Dyson dries as fast or if not quicker than our professional dryers but with less wear and heat on the hair.
So to conclude- do I think the Dyson is worth the $700 price tag? To answer this you need to ask yourself a few questions
  1. Are you a blowdryer? Or an ironer? If you spend time round brushing your hair, then yes. If you quickly dry off or mostly air dry, then no.
  2. Are you a gadget person? Some people just like to have the latest and greatest. Dyson has a great reputation for delivering outstanding quality products and warranty.
  3. Is the condition of your hair compromised? Teamed up with the correct home care a Dyson dryer could be a valuable asset to getting your hair back on the path to recovery!
We are FLIPPING OUT for this trend right now! How to create: 

1. WASH and RINSE with your appropriate hair care

2. DRY with a root lift such as ANTI GRAVITY or FULL AGAIN if extra volume is needed, angling the hair up and away from the scalp (tipping your head upside down is a perfect technique to achieve this height) 

3. IRON with desired movement if your hair needs that extra polish or styling

4. STYLE with my all time favourite finishing volumiser POWDER PUFF. You can also add extra texture and that "warn in" look to the hair by using a few spritz's of the HAIR RESORT SPRAY.

As easy as that! Let us know how you all go with this at home!

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MAXI.WASH is a detoxifying shampoo that contains AHA’s (fruit acids) that breaks down fatty acids for a clean, clear scalp. Perfect for your post beach holiday to get rid of all that salt and chlorine build up!
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Have you ever wondered how to create this look? Enquire within for your complimentary demonstration or see link below for a quick preview.
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Bronde – It’s all about the sunkissed Brunette or otherwise known as Bronde. To execute blend you must have the perfect highlight tonality to suit the depth and reflect of the chosen base colour, which should reflect your skin tone and eye colour.  

Boho waves- The aim is to create an effortless and undone wave which creates oodles of volume and texture. This look is best achieved with a styling iron such as the Cloud 9, turning the iron 180-360 degrees as you glide through your lengths. Drop the bottoms when you reach about 2 inches from the bottom. This will create tossled ends rather than glamor curls. To finish, simply turn your head upside down and sprits with Kevin Murphy Beach Spray.

Out of the Water- The key here is to get the right balance of “wet look” at the roots without your hair just looking greasy, and the only way to do this is with the correct product. Depending on hair type, you could go for either a pliable wax, mousse or strong hold gel, but never ever crunchy sticky product! Style this look up or down.

Undercut crop- Now this is not as scary as it sounds. This less Miley Cyrus and more Scarlett Johanson, or Michelle Williams. A slight undercut will create a slimming effect to the hairstyle as well as making the style easier to style. This haircut is so versatile and feminine. 

Pumping up the volume

Adding subtle highlights will give multi dimension, which adds the illusion of more volume.

Using volumising products such as Davines Texturizing Volume Dust to dry hair will create grip and texture. If a smoother finish is desired, Davines volume boosting mousse will be your new best friend.

Ever wondered why your hairdresser can create a big bouncy blowdry and you just can’t? It all comes down to the brush! My top pick is the YS Park BRISTLE RADIAL BRUSH. Its ergonomic and lightweight design makes round brushing a breeze.

A blunt finish flatters finer strands. A small amount of layering is often flattering to help give lift, but keep any layers long to avoid losing thickness from your midlengths and ends. 


Super foods to change your hair

Healthy hair and healthy scalp all stem from the inside. Nest takes a holistic approach to your hair and your health and wellbeing. Here are some superfoods to improve your hair and scalp and have you feeling great!

  1. Salmon is loaded with Vitamin D & Protein. It also contains Omega 3 which keeps the scalp healthy.
  2. Yellow Capsicum have 5 ½ times the amount of Vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which will strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage.
  3. Oysters contain an extraordinary amount of Zinc. Zinc deficiency has been noted to cause poor scalp and hair loss.
  4. Eggs are a fantastic source of aforementioned Omega 3’s & Biotin which many people take in supplement form. Be sure to eat the yolk as well as it helps to absorb the full nutrients.
  5. Sunflower Seeds are full of Vitamin E which helps blood flow to the scalp and makes the hair grow faster.
  6. Sweet Potatoes are rich in Vitamin A which also promotes healthy scalp and hair growth.
  7. Avocadoes contain essential fatty acids which keeps skin and hair smooth and glowing. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production.
Beauty must have!

Best all round brush voted by @bazaaraustralia lightweight perforated grip and hollowed out wooden body to speed up drying time! In stock @littlehairnest #‎goodhairday‬ #easyhair

Top 5 back to work styles that will make you the envy of the office!

  1. Swept back and centre part. This is such an easy style. Simply section out the front of your hair from ear to ear and give yourself a middle part to the crown of your head. Bun the back section of your hair, and then wrap the side pre sectioned pieces around the bun, securing with bobby pins.
  2. Shake it off, just as Taylor did! Lob it or bob it for your back to work transformation!
  3. One wave. Would you like to get a little extra mileage on a Monday morning from the weekends curls? Work a little Oi non Oil (More Inside) through the midlengths and ends, and brush out with a good quality bristle brush (I like the Macadamia bristle brush for this) to create a more polished wave for the office.
  4. Everyone loves a fringe! And what a perfect way to complete your new corporate look!
  5. Sleek Pony tail. An oldie but a goodie. The key to perfect this style is to prep the hair correctly. Make sure your hair is pencil straight before you begin this style. 

Post Holiday hair rejuvenation-

Well I am sure you have all had a very merry holiday season. I am sure most of you would have had easy beachy tossled hair over the past few weeks, and now as you get back into reality you are finding extra crunchy ends and unmanageable dry tresses. Here are a few tips to help get your hair rejuvenated for the new year!

  • Fresh start- Yes ladies, this means a haircut! Even a small trim can make all the difference to those worn ends and can freshen up tired looking hair.
  • Treat your tresses- My Naturaltech Vegetarian Miracle Conditioning masque teed up with More Inside Oi Non Oil will help to rehydrate from the inside out. A lot of masques and treatments out there are packed with low grade silicones and chemicals that put a coating on the outside layer of your hair which is like a bandaid affect as far as truly treating your hair is concerned. The Vegetarian Miracle and Oi Non Oil are both derived from plant extracts and essential oils and extremely performant.
  • Touch up Toner- The effects of the Sun, salt water, chlorine and general wear and tear play influence to those brassy tones you can be left with after a summer holiday. You may not be due for you roots to be done yet, but coming in for an in between toner will make the world of difference to your colour! Starting from $20 this is also an inexpensive way to stretch out your next visit!
  • Living the Dream- If you want to maintain that effortless and undone look you have been sporting this summer, here is a cheats way without dipping your head in the ocean! Braid you hair cornrow style. 5 sections will be ample. This gives you that zig zag look. If you have longer hair, you can also just plait your pony tail loosely. Sleep on this style and when you take it out you will have a really effortless and easy style! This style limits heat styling and preserves your hard efforts of resurrecting your hair.
Hair Trends 2015

Undone- This Summer’s biggest trend is all about soft textures and romantic shapes. With influences in fashion from the likes of Zimmerman, Lover, Chanel resort ’15 and Valentino resort ’15 you can see how we have fallen in love with this whimsical trend. It screams Woodstock and has a strong 1970’s influence. The look is natural and earthy, less is more.

Tugged Tail- Another look to sport the catwalk is glossy gelled roots with a matt dry texture on the ends. This is one of those styles that has never quite come off the catwalk and worn by the end users. I think this is the season we will see snippets of the trend coming through. A tight glossy pony tail has always been a hit, I think this season we will see a little texture through the ends of the hair, whilst still keeping the roots glossy and slick.

Braided- Braids and Plaits have been a big hit over the past few seasons, and I think they are here to stay for at least one more! Fishtails seem to be the flavour of the moment. You can wear them quite neat, or pull at the loops of the braid to achieve a more ‘undone’ version.

Gingerkissed- Copper tones are a brave move and can be a beautiful way to transform your look completely. The tone of the choice of copper must be adapted to skin tone and eye colour. Natural golden tones are extremely on trend. Giving your copper look a slight sunkissed end is a great way to give this rich palette a summery feeling.

Bring back the Bob- Lobs were a huge hit in 2014, my prediction is that as people get a taste of how stylish you can feel, the lengths will get shorter and fresher. This is a trend that will work well with most colours and can take you from summer to winter and every season in between. Bobs and Lobs have become more versatile. Solid exteriors are still on trend, however, texture throughout the interior is what sets this seasons tone.  
Subtle lights- Balayage was a huge trend in 2013 and 2014. As summer has approached, I have been more inclined to go with the soft Ombre’ style of lightening. This look is a lot more effortless looking and versatility with lengths is also a key factor in its success. It also reflects the SS15 trends we will soon see filtering through.  
Product of the week:

CURL BUILDING SERUM- Builds up elasticity in the hair without weighing it down. Anti frizz anti humidifying action is perfect for our hot Summer.

What look does it create: Defined natural curls.

How to use: Scrunch in to damp hair, comb through to distribute product evenly, scrunch with your hands from the ends of your hair right up to the scalp. Let your hair dry naturally or lightly diffuse to enhance the curl further.

How does it make the hair feel: Your hair will have a slight hold to it, but will not feel sticky or crunchy.
More Inside’s range is zero impact to the environment. Find out more:
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Hats and Hair

Getting ready for spring races 2014
Recently I have been faced with the dilemma of finding the perfect hat to go with the gorgeous dress I have picked up for Melbourne Cup day.
My dress is very simple and can pull off lots of looks, so the question is, what style hair and hat do I go for?
Last season the vintage look was very in, influenced by Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’. While vintage will always be close to my heart, I find myself feeling for now it’s a bit ‘has been’. To me, this season is all about fresh bright bold block colours and divine textures. This season relies on texture to break up the block colours.
So what should we be looking for when searching for the perfect statement piece that doesn’t leave us looking like Princess Beatrice at the Royal Wedding of Kate and Wills?
Here are my looks:

  1. Less is more. I know, I know… we hear it all the time. Less doesn’t mean understated or small. I am talking about less feathers, less glitter, less tacky! Let the shapes speak. I think a classic example is this Morgan and Taylor “Mia Fascinator” I found on The Iconic website. Hair styles for this type of fascinator should be up. A sleek straight pony tail would be perfect, or if you prefer a bit of volume and wave through your do, a swept high upstyle that mimics the textures of the flower would be ideal.
  2. Now for something a little different. I’m calling this a bun wrap. I love it. I think it is the epitome of fresh youthfulness. A new take on the old hat. This look needs to be paired with appropriate attire, or it could end up looking random and porely thought out. I think the broaches are a nice touch to finish off the look and incorporate the rest of your outfit. The hairstyle for this look is fairly self explanitory, a nice high bun. It must be HIGH, borderline on the top of your head to avoid loooking random. When looking for a scarf, make sure it is not too big. This will make it tricky to attach to your hairstyle, but will also make the bun become solid and large which will take away from this effortless look. 
  3. The wide brimmed hat. An oldie but a goodie, you can’t go wrong! If you wanted a different take on the simple hat, use a large scarf and tie onto the head to create a low ponytail off to the side with the scarf, and then place the hat over the scarf. (See method 4 in link for a better explanation It’s important to have a paired back and simplistic approach to your hair if you go for this look. A low bun would work perfectly. I would still centre the bun, or if you would prefer have it off to the side, make sure you have the hair on the same side as the scarf. If you have short hair you can tuck it all in to the scarf whilst tying the knot.
  4. If you do decide to go vintage, do something unique and stay true to the era from head to toe. I absolutely love this little cap hat. This look if perfect for all you ladies with short hair! My guess to finding something similar to this would be to trawl specialist stores such as Paddington Antique Centre, Adornments or Retro Metro which are all in Paddington Brisbane. When going for the vintage style it is so easy to fall into the trap of imitations floating around thanks to recent trends, keep it classy and source the real deal.
​That's all ladies! Good luck, see you at the races!

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Natural prescriptive range of hair and scalp care
The secret to shiny hair:
As a stylist I find myself asking my clients "how do you like your hair to look and feel?"
The answer is almost always "just shiny and healthy".
So here are my 5 top tips for shiny healthy hair.
1. Brush your hair. It goes back to the old wives tale of "brushing your hair 100 times before bed". No, you don't have to be quite this excessive, but brushing through to your scalp with a good quality bristle brush before you shampoo will make the world of difference.
2. Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp. Yes we have all heard it from Miranda Kerr herself. But the reality is most people don't have scalp problems properly diagnosed, so they don't treat their scalp appropriately. Your scalp is just like the skin on your face. People spend hundreds of dollars having facials and purchasing all sorts of lotions and potions for their face, and will then neglect their scalps with cheap "medicated" shampoo. Shampooing your hair regularly is also a must. Again, just think of the skin on your face or body... if you neglected to cleanse, you would have a build up of skin cells, oils and pollutions that all clog the follicle and restrict healthy new hair growth. Remember scalp analysis is a specialised skill. Get advice from the professionals.
3. Coconut oil. The newest craze in the kitchen is also good for your hair (and skin). It will leave an oily coating over the hair so I usually recommend working it through the hair at night, and shampooing it out in the morning. An exception to this rule is people with thick, course, curly hair who should only work the oil through your ends if you are going to leave it in overnight.
4. You are what you eat. Ok mum you were right... Vitamins C and Zinc in particular have been proven to promote healthy and thick hair growth. Fatty acids such as omega 3 will leave your hair beautiful and shiny.
5. Avoid ammonia. Unfortunately most old school stylists still have their head in the sand thinking ammonia free products don't work. I started avoiding using ammonia for my own health benefits, but it was the comments from my clients that convinced me to convert completely.
People were commenting on how much healthier their hair was, and we all know healthy hair means less colour fade... Double bonus!